Area of shaded regions

Here is problem about area which I’m sure you will enjoy solving. It’s not hard. Just tricky.


What is the total area of the shaded part of rectangle ACDB?

area of rectangle

As suggested by one of the readers, you should be able to explain why you think you have the correct answer. One way to do it is to be able to set up an expressions for the areas.

Try the problem with your friends before comparing your solution with my solutions.



Author: Erlina Ronda

4 thoughts on “Area of shaded regions”

  1. The difficulty does NOT stand in replying the question as put (‘Value the shaded area!”). The difficulty sits in EXPLAINING IT.

    Thus the question would rather come as: Figure an EQUATION or INEQUATION containing BOTH areas, the white and the shaded (parts of ABCD rectangle).

    Note: I have added the choice “inequation” intentionnaly, so that not to help the student ‘in the question itself’.

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