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How to Find the Domain of a Function

The domain of a function in x refers to all the possible values of x for which the function is defined. That is, it consist of all the values that make the function exist. Unless otherwise stated, the possible values for the domain is from the set of real numbers. Usually, your teacher will only…

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How to find the equation of graphs of functions

In your study of function, the usual activity you do is to graph the function given an equation. Here is a problem that involve finding the equation given the  graphs of functions – linear, quadratic, exponential, and reciprocal (rational) functions. Problem The figure below shows the graphs of common functions. The algebraic representation of the…

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How many squares can you form with the dots?

Problem How many squares with whole number areas can you form on this 5 x 5 dot array with the dots for corners?   Solution Hint 1. The figure below is a 4 x 4 grid. It shows squares you probably did not consider when you jumped right away on an answer. Do they also…

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Solving exponential equation using laws of logarithm

Problem Solve the exponential equation 4x + 4x + 1 = 40. Solution 4x + 4x + 1 = 40 => 2(4x) = 39 => 4x = 39/2 Using the laws of logarithm x log 4 = log 39 – log 2 x = (log 39 – log 2)/log 4 x = (1.59106 – 0.30103)/0.60206 x = 2.14206…

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