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Semicircle Road Trip #1

Two roads connect Towns A and B. One passes through Town C which lies between A and B and the other a direct route. The roads are semicircular. Which road will you take if you want to conserve on gas? Why? Try this problem with your Facebook friends. It’s not that hard. Tricky, maybe. Like

Adding equations of two lines

In solving systems of equations by elimination method you need to add or subtract the equations of lines. Let’s take¬†ax+by=c and dx+ey=f as equations of two distinct lines. To add equations of lines means to add the respective coefficients of x and y and the constants. It is the same as adding like terms. That

Ways of multiplying binomials

Here are three methods of multiplying binomials. Method 1 is known as the long method of multiplication. It’s the same procedure you did with numbers in primary school. It works with multiplying any two polynomials. Method 2 looks efficient but it only works for multiplying binomials. It’s also called the FOIL method for multiplying binomials.