Category: Theorems in Geometry

How to Prove the Central Angle – Inscribed Angle Theorem

When two secants intersect on the circle, it forms an inscribed angle. There are three cases in which the secants may be positioned as shown in the figure below. These positions form different cases for the central angle-inscribed angle relationship. So when you prove the theorem that the measure of the inscribed angle is half

Squares, Triangles, and Van-Aubel’s Theorem

Problem In the figure, H is the midpoint of side BC of ΔABC. The points I and J are the intersection of the diagonals of square ABDE and square ACGF respectively, that is they are the centers of the square. Prove that IH and HJ are congruent and that angle IHJ is a right angle.

Proof of Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem

The exterior angle of a triangle is the angle that forms a linear pair with an interior angle of the the triangle. To draw the exterior angle all you need to do is to extend the side of the triangle. A linear pair is a pair of angle that forms a straight line. In the figure