Category: Probability

What is Conditional Probability?

The conditional probability of an event B is the probability that the event will happen given the knowledge that an event A has already happened. This probability is written P(B|A), notation for the probability of B given A. In the case where events A and B are independent, the conditional probability of event B given event A is simply the probability of event B, that is P(B). If events A and B are not independent, then the probability

How to construct a box and whisker plot

Cumulative Frequency corresponding to a particular value is the sum of all the frequencies up to and including that value. Box and whisker plots show the spread of data split in quartiles. Here’s a quick tutorial by Ben Rouse for constructing cumulative frequency graph and box and whisker plot.

Comparing Probabilities of Spinners

The probability of a spinner stopping at a certain area is the ratio of that area to the area of the entire region. Here is a question about comparing probabilities to test your understanding of this concept. Problem Four students are examining three spinners. They are discussing the probabilities of the spinners stopping at the