Angle inscribed in a semicircle

To solve the two problems below you need to know 1) The area of a circle is Πr2, with r as radius and that the area of a semicircle is of course  half of the circle, ½Πr2 and 2) the angle  in a semicircle theorem. Problem 1 Prove that the area of the solid green semicircle

Area of an Equilateral Triangle

Somebody left this in my message box: Problem If a triangle is an equilateral triangle with 3m and you are not given the perpendicular length of a triangle, how do you calculate the area of a triangle? Obviously the sender know that the perpendicular length aka height or altitude of the triangle is needed to

Describing solutions of equations

You get a full mark not only because you have the correct answer but also because you have expressed your answer in a clear and concise way using the language of mathematics. Let me illustrate it in the problems below which involve solving equations. Problem 1 Find all the possible solution to the equation y-1