Comparing Probabilities of Spinners

The probability of a spinner stopping at a certain area is the ratio of that area to the area of the entire region. Here is a question about comparing probabilities to test your understanding of this concept. Problem Four students are examining three spinners. They are discussing the probabilities of the spinners stopping at the

Matching function graphs and tables

A function can be represented by graphs, tables and equation. Each of these representations of function have their own strengths and limitations. So an indicator of understanding of function is knowledge of the link between representations. The following problem tests your understanding of function represented in graphs and tables. In the question, the graph is not on

Exponents and end digits of powers

Power is the product of multiplying a number by itself. We say 16 is the power of 2 to the 4th power. This can be written as 24= 16. The number 2 is called the base and 4, the number of times the base number is taken as factor is called the exponent. Here is