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Which rectangle has a bigger area?

ABCD is a square and G is a point on its diagonal. Obviously, the two colored rectangles have equal area: ab.   What about in the figure below? Problem: ACDB is a rectangle. E is a point on the diagonal. ¬†Which rectangle has a bigger area? GEIA or FEHD? Answer The diagonal divides a rectangle

Geometric Interpretation of Trapezoid Area Formula

Problem 1 Show that the area of a trapezoid (trapezium) is half its height times the sum of the parallel sides. Solution Cut the trapezoid along the midpoints of the pair of non-parallel side. This halves its height. Rotate one of the parts 180 degrees about a midpoint. In the figure below, it’s about the

How to transform a pentagon into a triangle of the same area

This is the third in the series of problems involving transforming polygons into another polygon where the area is preserved. The first is about transforming a shape into another shape of the same area and the second is about transforming a quadrilateral into a triangle of the same area. The following problem builds on the