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Describing solutions of equations

You get a full mark not only because you have the correct answer but also because you have expressed your answer in a clear and concise way using the language of mathematics. Let me illustrate it in the problems below which involve solving equations. Problem 1 Find all the possible solution to the equation y-1

Adding equations of two lines

In solving systems of equations by elimination method you need to add or subtract the equations of lines. Let’s take ax+by=c and dx+ey=f as equations of two distinct lines. To add equations of lines means to add the respective coefficients of x and y and the constants. It is the same as adding like terms. That

Solving problems by equations and graphs

Problems need not always be solved by equations alone. Problems that involve setting up equations can be solved using graphs also. This requires knowledge of interpreting equations in x as a function of x. This is an important knowledge as it will be handy in solving problems in calculus.  The key to the solution of