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Proof of Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem

The exterior angle of a triangle is the angle that forms a linear pair with an interior angle of the the triangle. To draw the exterior angle all you need to do is to extend the side of the triangle. A linear pair is a pair of angle that forms a straight line. In the figure

How to transform quadrilaterals into triangles with the same area

Quadrilaterals have four sides. To make triangles out of them, three of the vertices should be collinear. Now, what construction should you make so that the area remain unchanged? Here’s how you can transform quadrilaterals into triangles with the same are in three easy steps. 1. Extend one of the sides of the quadrilateral. Let’s

Theorems and Problems on Angles of Triangles

Here are three important theorems about triangles: sum of angles of a triangle, the measure of the exterior angle, and the base angles of an isosceles triangle. Sample problems where these are applied are also provided. The problems involved the concept of ratio. Theorem: The Sum of the Angles of a Triangle The sum of