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Proving trigonometric identities #2

Problem: Prove that the equation below is an identity: 2 sin2Ө – sin4Ө = (1 – cos2Ө)(1 + cos2Ө). Solution To prove that an equation is an identity, one must show that the Left Hand Side (LHS) of the equation is identical to its Right Hand Side (RHS). That is, LHS ≡ RHS. Proof LHS: 2 sin2Ө

Proving trigonometric identities #1

The common error in proving trigonometric identities is to assume the equality of the left-hand side (LHS) and the right-hand side (RHS) of what is being proved. To prove an identity means to transform the LHS and RHS in the same form. Prove the identity: Solution sure to get 0/5 mark: This is a ratio